REC SanAir

Decentralized HRU


REC SanAir is a series of decentralised heat recovery units with high e fficiency enthalpic heat exchanger (up to 82%) for residential application.

The units are provided with a very high efficiency  filtering system with double  filter HEPA + G4 which allows the retention of of at least 98% of PM2,5, 99% of PM10 and 100% of pollens.
Ultra slim and aesthetic design, lightweight and easy to install.
The units can be set on  5 ventilation levels: from 15 to 41 m3/h. They are provided with free-cooling and antifreeze functions.
Other pecularities are the low consumption (from 4 W)  and the silent running   (< 30dB in night mode).

REC San Air is supplied with a remote control for the set-up of the ventilation level and the free cooling function (with programmable timer up to 10 hours).

The series is available in 2 models:

Installation on all kind of perimetric wall.
Unique model for horizontal or vertical installation.
Easy installation: 2 holes of ø80 mm are su fficient.

Installation on any kind of perimetrical wall.
Built-in horizontal or vertical installation.