The design process is entrusted to highly-qualified technicians and designers who are ready to satisfy your real needs with state-of-the-art products and solutions, designed in compliance with existing regulations.

Each new project is a breath of fresh air: inspired and motivated by the need to respond to certain functional and aesthetic demands, we design state-of-the-art ventilation units, studied in compliance with existing regulations in terms of safety and energy efficiency.


Continuous technical innovation, research into new functions and tests of conformity with existing regulations: our research and development department is the beating heart of our business.

The competitiveness of the global market drives us and fuels our desire for progress. Our R&D team is committed day after day to the study and research of new functions, materials and technologies that we know to be fundamental to a product such as ours, on which people’s safety and wellbeing depends.


We chose to work intimately: with an extensive network of 22 national manufacturer’s representatives and distribution agreements or local partnerships in over 70 countries around the world, we are able to provide expert, clear and immediate commercial and technical support and maintain profitable, long-term trade relations.
Besides, our team of 21 commercial experts and back-office assistants is at your service to listen and provide you with pre- and after-sales support.


100% made in Italy, our products comply with the strictest international regulations in terms of safety and efficiency. We guarantee the production of customised ventilation units with quality standards tested in every stage of the process.


Strategic partnerships with suppliers, extensive warehouses, meticulous quality control of incoming goods and punctual shipping form the perfect cogs of a logistical process that guarantees efficiency and rapid delivery.

Optimising the internal efficiency of the business and the business effectiveness toward the market are two objectives that we aim to balance every day by means of policies, tools and methods that guarantee reduced costs, optimal use of resources and the ability to satisfy customer needs in terms of quality, timing and costs.

With a minimum stock of 15,000 finished products, an extensive, modern and fully-computerised warehouse and integrated logistics management, we boast incredibly quick order processing: from 48 hours for catalogue products to 20 days for special products.