REC 280-320

Centralized HRU - Vertical installation



REC 280 – 320 are  centralized heat recovery units with thermal efficiency up to 93%.

Ideal for houses up to 10 rooms. Installation configuration: 5 intake points and 5 extract points.
They are suitable for vertical installation and for ø 125 mm ducting system.
All units are provided with integrated by-pass.


REC 280
Provided with external rotor motor and forward blade impeller 2 speed running: continuous running at the minimum speed, maximum speed is activated through remote control.
AC motor. Airflow up to 280 m3/h.

REC 320
Provided with brushless motor for an optimal combination between high performance, silence and low energy consumption.
Energy class A.
Supplied with RLS 1WR controller for the selection of the ventilation level (low – intermediate – high).

REC 320 TC
Supplied with a remote Panel Touch controller with coloured screen.