REC 320 TC

Centralized HRU with Touch Panel control - Vertical installation


REC 320 TC is a centralized heat recovery unit with thermal efficiency up to 93% provided with a remote Touch Panel controller for the weekly programming of the ventilation modalities.

Ideal for houses up to 10 rooms. Installation configuration: 5 intake points and 5 extract points.
They are suitable for vertical installation and for ø 125 mm ducting system.
All units are provided with EC motors and integrated by-pass.

The panel allows to manually or automatically manage (through the weekly programming) the following functions:
• The Speed/ventilation level regulation
• The ventilation modality (by-pass function, freecooling, only extraction, only immission)
• The threshold humidity level over which the unit increases its speed
• The post-ventilation function (Timer function, adjustable from 0 to 30 minutes) to delay the switching of the unit at the minimum speed)
• The Sleep modality that allow to have the unit running silently at low speed during the night