REC Duo 150

Decentralized HRU

REC DUO 150 is the innovative decentralized HRU with heat recovery up to 90%. Suitable for any  kind of rooms and ideal for a coupled installation to optimize the system efficiency.

Easy Installation and maintenance:
– Magnetic coupling/uncoupling of the unit.
– External grill e with net installablefrom the inside.
– ø 150
– Telescopic duct.

Suitable for walls with thickness from 340 to 500 mm (adaptable to other wallthickness from 250 to 1000 mm).

REC Duo 150 is a “push-pull” HRU with reverse flow. It  is provided with a ceramic heat exchanger that accumulates the heat from the extracted air during the “pull” cycle andreleases it to the new fresh air during the “push” cycle.

It is designed for a 24 hrs running at the minimum speed. The unit switches to the extraction operation modalitywhen speed boost is activated manually (through remote switch or remote controller RLS available as accessory) or automatically through the humidistat for versions REC Duo MHY and REC DUO RC.