High-speed and energy efficient hand-driers

linea igiene elicent ecojet

ECOJET is a series of new generation and exclusive design “hands-in” models of hand-driers.  They are designed to combine low energy consumption and ultra-fast
drying time: the efficient drying is given by the velocity and the type of air diffusion and not by the hot temperature (absence of the heating element).

Provided with 4 air scatterers and 2 IR sensors for instant hand detection.
Low energy consumption thanks to the absence of the heating element.
Ultra-fast drying in 8 seconds.
Cover in anti-scratch ABS and aluminium impeller.
High speed and power adjustable class F motor.
Internal surface and water tank coated with Microban antimicrobial and antibacterial protection.
Provided with water tank easily removable for cleaning.
Available in white or satin grey finish


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